About Us

Sean and Tylene Loomer, are passionate for teaching and inspiring others to be their own health advocates, do their own research, and to seek out the best nutrient sources for everyday nutrition. Together, they’ve serviced many of the top professional athletes in the world and over a thousand  doctors worldwide.

 Lifestyle choices have powerful effects on overall health. The choice to make your health a top priority is highly personal. Sean & Ty love helping people to make lifestyle changes to live toxic free!

Prevention vs. Crisis Care

Even mainstream health care providers agree that the best approach toward health is to maintain a solid base of wellness. Rather than waiting to react later on, it’s far more effective to have a long-term view of the body and its needs and to begin a preventive health strategy today! The philosophy of prevention and whole body health, a mainstay of medical wisdom around the world, is now gaining widespread popularity in western cultures with good reason! For decades we’ve had a tendency to take the body for granted. But today, as a nation, we’re beginning to realize that if you feed and exercise the body properly, your body is able to maintain its health. It’s an investment in your own long-term quality of life!